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Autism Facts

What is the cause of autism?

There is no readily available answer.Genetic predisposition as well as environmental causes, including vaccines, are suspect in causing autism. Thorough research is needed to determine the role of the environment and vaccines in autism. There is some evidence of brain injury caused by environmental insult – e.g. chemical or biochemical toxicity, heavy metals, allergic reactions, exposure to certain viruses.

Is autism a curable disorder?

Autism is treatable. Biomedical intervention including special diet, in combination with early intervention, education, and behavioral training have all yeilded very hopeful results for many children and adults. Early diagnosis and appropriate intervention is extremely critical.Statistics

Autism facts and stats

  • Autism now affects 1 in 68 children.
  • Boys are four times more likely to have autism than girls.
  • About 40% of children with autism do not speak.
  • About 25%–30% of children with autism have some words at 12 to 18 months of age and then lose them. Others might speak, but not until later in childhood.
  • Autism greatly varies from person to person (no two people with autism are alike).
  • The rate of autism has steadily grown over the last twenty years.
  • Comorbid conditions often associated with autism include Fragile X, allergies, asthma, epilepsy, bowel disease, gastrointestinal/digestive disorders, persistent viral infections, PANDAS, feeding disorders, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, OCD, sensory integration dysfunction, sleeping disorders, immune disorders, autoimmune disorders, and neuroinflammation.
  • Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder, yet most underfunded.A 2008 Danish Study found that the mortality risk among those with autism was nearly twice that of the general population.
  • Children with autism do progress – early intervention is key.
     Autism is treatable, not a hopeless condition!!!


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