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Scholarships and Emergency Grants

A large portion of the donated funds at NAA-NT goes towards scholarships and grants benefiting children with autism.  NAA-NT also awards emergency grants.  For example, we were able to award over $8,000 to victims of Hurricane Harvey.  This enabled families to stay in places more suitable for their children or buy emergency supplies and special diet foods.

NAA-NT provides scholarships for economically disadvantaged families for a variety of needs such as the  purchase of homeschool curriculum, medical fees for biomedical interventions, advocacy, funeral services, emergency residence and co-pays for behavioral therapy.

Check for eligibility and apply for a scholarship to help you.

NAA-NT Scholarship Application


Thank you so much for a wonderful night out! You did a great job keeping us informed & posted of the night’s events. This is the type of night my friends & I look forward to all year long! Kudos to all of your hard work & that of the Board to make events like these possible!

Matthew has wondered away from the safety of his home in search of a place with a pool as he loves to swim. Thanks to the generous donation from NAA-NT he is now able to participate on a weekly swimming program at a local YMCA, where he is learning to build his swimming skills, follow instruction and practice on his social skills.

Thank you for making a difference in Matthew’s life.

Brenda Denton

“El grupo de apoyo de La Asociación Nacional de Autismo de la región Norte de Texas a traves de las reuniones mensuales en espaol me han aportado información de cómo puedo apoyar más y mejor a mi hijo para potenciar al máximo su capacidad en las diferentes áreas del desarrollo. Los padres expresamos diferentes estrategias que nos han servido en situaciones específicas y esto es un mecanismo de retroalimentación. En lo personal estoy muy agradecida con este grupo de apoyo ya que me brindaron apoyo de abogacía cuando tenía las reuniones ARD en la escuela de mi hijo para pedir los servicios que mi hijo requería.”

Cecilia Gonzalez

Thank you for helping my family and I in this difficult time. This hurricane has left me in distraught, and has affected my life and many others, but because of your organization I have gotten stronger, and has given me hope and happiness.

Genet Teklu

A mi familia nos ayudo el grupo de apoyo como entender mejor la condición de mi hijo, como ayudarlo, y abogar por el. Además ha sido de mucha ayuda moralmente. De todo corazón, muchas gracias a todas las personas que colaboraron para que este grupo se realize.

Ana Hernandez

Thank you everyone at NAA-NT for such a wonderful evening! I am so grateful for such a wonderful organization.

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