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Therapeutic food

Volunteer Therapeutic Course Facilitators will deliver one or more of our Therapeutic Courses. These will usually take place over a six week period, for two hours a week.
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Give education

Volunteer coordinators are as busy as the organization is. In many cases, this will involve personal travel time to and from major organization offices to give personal instructions, planning events, maintaining facilities, and freeing up work for the paid staff.
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Give scholarship

These scholarships reward you for helping others. It’s a nice way of doing well by doing good. Schools are required to use 7% of their Federal Work Study program funds to pay for students employed in community service jobs.
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Play for kids

The importance of play in the recovery of the hospitalised child is universally recognised. CHI has been helping to fill this role since 1970 and today CHI Play Volunteers bring fun and enjoyment to sick children in many hospitals around Ireland.
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